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The Artist’s Way Through Art Anxiety – My First Interview on Leonie’s HermitBurpcast

Hey look, it’s my very first podcast interview! Back in June I had the pleasure of being Leonie Yue’s very first guest on her Hermit Burpcast. In this podcast (starting roughly 30mins in) we discuss our own experiences with art anxiety and our thoughts on Julia Cameron’s self-help book “The Artist’s Way”. If you’ve been […]

Finding Kristy Kate (plus a special announcement)

Want to go straight to the special announcement? Click here. The month of May marks a fairly significant milestone in my art career; it has now been one year since I left the security of my day job as a graphic artist in order to further my art education and pursue a freelance career, full-time. […]

Be Prepared!

Whether it was reciting the Girl Guides motto or singing along to The Lion King soundtrack, as a child I quickly picked up that it pays to Be Prepared! Now that I’m undertaking my own self-directed education, those two words couldn’t be more valid. Studying art can be overwhelming. There’s so much to learn, to […]