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Week 18 Studies

July 21st – 27th Decided to try something different this week and experiment with creating random characters using the lasso tool in Photoshop. It was so much fun playing around with random shapes and colours to see what characters emerged! Here’s my personal favourite of the lot: Oh, and I also practiced drawing noses. Because they’re silly. All the best! […]

Week 17 Studies

July 14th – 20th Time for the monthly Anatomy Turnaround! (For those that are unfamiliar with this exercise; once a month I draw a turnaround sheet of the male and female figure – from imagination – to measure my progress in learning human anatomy). And for comparison, here’s all 4 sets of turnaround sheets that I’ve completed over […]

Week 16 Studies

July 7th – 13th I completed the Pencil Kings Figure Drawing Challenge! Yay! There’s quite a big update ahead so let’s get straight into it: Day 15 Back Anatomy I really enjoyed learning the muscles in such a simplified way. Exercise 2 involved sketching a figure from photo reference and then adding in the muscles […]

Week 15 Studies

June 30th – July 6th Just a quick update today as I’m still wrapping up from a wonderful weekend of trading at Oz Comic Con (many thanks to everyone for dropping by!). I need to catch up on some Figure Drawing Challenge homework too, so expect more next week. On to the studies: Day 11 […]

Week 14 Studies

June 23rd – 29th Time for more Pencil Kings’ Figure Drawing Challenge 2014 studies! In Week 2 of the challenge, we fleshed out the stickmen figures with more detailed heads, torsos, hands and feet. Here’s the rundown: Day 6 Heads! Added eye sockets, nose and mouth to the front, side and 3/4 view of the head. Also […]

Week 13 Studies

June 16th – 22nd I have quite a big update for you all this week! Week 13 marked the beginning of Pencil Kings’ Figure Drawing Challenge 2014. The aim of the challenge is to improve your figure drawing skills by completing set homework utilising techniques demonstrated by Sycra in a daily instructional video. Day 1  – […]

Week 12 Studies

June 9th – 15th In Week 12 I studied arms, drawing from the books – Loomis’ Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, Vanderpoel’s The Human Figure, and Rubins’ The Human Figure. It also occurred to me that hey, I should be making studies from my Anatomy Tools male figure! He spends too much time just standing around looking pretty, see: So […]

Week 11 Studies

June 2nd – 8th Week 11 = hand studies! I studied the construction and proportions of the hand from Loomis’ Drawing the Head & Hands and also made sketches based on the plates from Bridgman’s The Book of a Hundred Hands and by using my own hand for reference. There’s still so much to learn in regards to drawing hands and […]