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Self-Portrait, September 2015

My last profile picture was feeling a little outdated, so I figured it was time for a new self-portrait: To create this self-portrait I used a mix of recent photos as reference. I sketched and digitally painted the full illustration in Photoshop, finishing with a few paint textures from Texture Mate. After such a long […]

SDC – Shading Simple Objects

For the month of September I’m taking part in Pencil Kings Shading Drawing Challenge, with instruction from the lovely Diane Kraus. You can see Diane’s work on her website www.dianekraus.com. This post covers my studies from Lesson 3: Shading Simple Objects. My earlier studies can be viewed in the following posts: * Learning Values with the Shading Drawing Challenge […]

Week 22 Studies

August 18th – 24th Hi all! Prepare for a big #SpoonChallenge update today, but first, a couple of PS lasso tool characters: Study (or should I say sketchbook?) time has been limited lately, so I concentrated on building up these character “sketches” over a couple of days. Mister Muscle Man didn’t have arms for most of […]

Week 18 Studies

July 21st – 27th Decided to try something different this week and experiment with creating random characters using the lasso tool in Photoshop. It was so much fun playing around with random shapes and colours to see what characters emerged! Here’s my personal favourite of the lot: Oh, and I also practiced drawing noses. Because they’re silly. All the best! […]