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Week 18 Studies

July 21st – 27th Decided to try something different this week and experiment with creating random characters using the lasso tool in Photoshop. It was so much fun playing around with random shapes and colours to see what characters emerged! Here’s my personal favourite of the lot: Oh, and I also practiced drawing noses. Because they’re silly. All the best! […]

Week 17 Studies

July 14th – 20th Time for the monthly Anatomy Turnaround! (For those that are unfamiliar with this exercise; once a month I draw a turnaround sheet of the male and female figure – from imagination – to measure my progress in learning human anatomy). And for comparison, here’s all 4 sets of turnaround sheets that I’ve completed over […]

Week 9 Studies

May 19th – 25th It’s Anatomy Turnaround Sheet time! What’s the Anatomy Turnaround Sheet, you ask? Each month I test my human anatomy knowledge by completing a male and female Anatomy Turnaround Sheet entirely from memory. From these sheets I can determine gaps in my understanding by observing the areas I struggled to draw and anatomical inaccuracies. This is the second […]