Week 22 Studies

August 18th - 24th

Hi all!

Prepare for a big #SpoonChallenge update today, but first, a couple of PS lasso tool characters:


Study (or should I say sketchbook?) time has been limited lately, so I concentrated on building up these character "sketches" over a couple of days. Mister Muscle Man didn't have arms for most of the week!

My remaining time went into catching up on Spoonflower's #SpoonChallenge sketches.

I blame falling behind on procrastinating over hand-drawn type. You see, part of the challenge for Week 2 (Days 6 - 10) was to incorporate type using the daily prompt as inspiration. Hand-drawn type is not my forte - especially when drawn straight on the computer.

I was definitely relieved to return to sketching animals (yay!) on Day 11.

Onto the sketches:

Day 7 - Book:


Day 8 - Arrow:


Day 9 - Tea:


Day 10 - Toast:

I started to dislike hand-drawn type a little less while drawing "JAM". Might be worth experimenting with more in the future, after I nail all those anatomy and character studies on my to-do list!


(And in hindsight, I should have chosen a different colour for the background. Ew.)

Day 11 - Platypus:


Day 12 - Hedgehog: (My favourite sketch so far!)


Day 13 - Beetle:


Day 14 - Cat:


Day 15 - Fish:

So that brings me up to date with #SpoonChallenge again - it's been really fun playing with colour and shapes and drawing from my imagination. Just one more week (I think?) of #SpoonChallenge to go and then it's back to incorporating anatomy study in my spare time.

Until then, all the best!
x Kristy Kate

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