Week 23 Studies

August 25th - 31st

Hi all!

Another week down (is it just me, or did the week fly by??) and it's time to wrap up Spoonflower's #SpoonChallenge.

The general theme for the final week was cities, maps and urban life.

Day 16 - Skyline


Day 17 - Taxi


Day 18 - Map Legend


Day 19 - Landmark (Uluru)


Day 20 - Selfie


By taking part in the #SpoonChallenge I discovered that there's a lot of value in sketching with a daily prompt. This activity has been great for getting those creative juices flowing, drawing things I wouldn't usually consider, and, while they're not final pieces in themselves, I see potential for new pieces out of the sketches I made over the past 20 days.

Now that I've had a little break from study, it's time to jump back into figures and anatomy. And it just so happens that I've signed up for Pencil Kings next challenge, the Shading Drawing Challenge which starts tomorrow (perfect timing!). Can't wait to see what I learn this time around!

Until next time, all the best!
x Kristy Kate

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